The Company
EcoAg Initiatives was originally established in the early 1990's by feedlot operators who were looking to diversify their operations and increase their ability to transport finished product over longer distances. In 1998 a leading Canadian agribusiness company purchased 50% interest in the company, bringing stability, financial strength, marketing and sales opportunities to EcoAg products. Today, EcoAg is wholly privately owned and continues to look into the future proactively bringing products and practices that are beneficial to the environment and the producers' bottom lines.
The Mission
To become the market leader in compost through quality, safety, product development and sound nutrient management.
The Value Proposition

Reduce costs and mitigate environmental liability in agriculture, horticulture and reclamation

Develop and market branded nutrient products

Meet or exceed industry standards for quality, safety, and environmental stewardship

The Future
EcoAg Initiatives continues to add nutrient rich feedstock streams from the construction, food, and landscaping industries as well as from the original agricultural base. Besides the standard windrow composting method, a new state-of-the-art in-vessel anaerobic digester will soon be operational. This will create not only better quality designer organic nutrients, but will also divert waste products from landfills. This will be a great benefit to the environment by lessening greenhouse gas emissions and providing an economical alternative for handling waste from these various industries. This system will also generate green power, lessening Alberta's reliance on fossil fuels.
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EcoAg Initiatives Inc.

Based in High River Alberta, EcoAg Initiatives is a specialized nutrient management company providing solutions for large-volume industrial suppliers and end-users in agriculture, horticulture, reclamation and municipalities.

The Benefits of Compost

EcoAg Initiatives - The Benefits Of CompostEveryone knows that manure has long been an economical source of nutrients for crop production. But very often, straight manure is no bargain. Typically, it's difficult to work with, requires extensive soil incorporation, and has potential environmental issues and can bring weed seeds, pathogen problems and foreign materials. High quality compost has a proven role in the agricultural, horticultural, and land reclamation industries, improving and reclaiming soil by adding vital organic matter and slow-release nutrients with a residual benefit, meaning your application can improve plant growth for more than just one season.

Organic Matter improves soil tilth by increasing porosity as well as potentially increasing the water holding capacity of the soil, so your plants can better withstand drier periods without extra watering or irrigation.

Compost contains the Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium required for healthy plant growth, as well as many of the micronutrients often overlooked. These nutrients are all available over time, although yearly application at lower rates is recommended. Overall soil health is improved, making your plants heartier.


The Products

The Real ThingThe Real Thing® Farm Compost is processed to the highest Canadian standard, and is a classed as a Category "A" compost. Simply put, that means it can be used in any situation, without restriction, as per the CCME (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment) Guidelines for compost production. The Real Thing Farm Compost has therefore achieved and maintained the required aeration and heat production to kill pathogens and weed seeds, while stabilizing the nutrients within in their organic form to yield a product that is not only easy to handle, but also has a pleasant earthy aroma. Because of this process, one application The Real Thing compost can give you more than one season of enjoyment!

Horticultural Grade The Real ThingThere are different grades of The Real Thing for different uses. Horticultural Grade has been screened to 3/4" so it can safely be spread on turf areas such as lawns, green zones and sports fields without concern. (Individual resellers or landscaping companies may further screen it to an even smaller size.) It may also be used on gardens and flowerbeds, where besides being a beneficial ammendment to the soil, it leaves the bed looking clean and professional. Agricultural Grade is screened to 3" and is used primarily on agricultural fields, or can be used in "soil building" projects where it will be blended with existing soil or other ammendments before the area is seeded.

The Real Thing for organic farmingThe Real Thing compost has also been used extensively in reclaiming disturbed land associated with wellsites or pipelines. The addition of organic matter via ammendment with The Real Thing helps the soil return to it's previous production capability, in most cases years ahead of the traditional method of simply replacing the disturbed topsoil. It must be noted however, that there are environmental regulations in place for this type of application that must be followed. Please ensure your application is within Alberta Environment guidelines, and appropriate records are kept.

Good Soil Getting Better - EcoAgAnother of our popular products is the Field Ready agricultural compost. Field Ready compost is an "econo" type of product, with the positive benefits of The Real Thing, only with a slightly higher moisture content. For many agricultural producers it is an economical alternative that still provides the same nutrients and valuable organic matter to your soil as The Real Thing compost, however a higher application rate is required. Field Ready is therefore priced somewhat lower to offset this requirement.

Field Ready compost is only for agricultural applications, and although it provides organic matter to your soil and provides nutrients in their organic form, it is unfortunately not suitable for use in the production of certified organic produce.

Gypsum is another product available from EcoAg. Many farms use gypsum and wood chips to reduce odor problems in indoor livestock operations, and it can also be used as a soil amendment. The gypsum is recovered from recycled contstruction waste by grinding up the boards and screening out the leftover paper and large particles out. The paper can then be used in the livestock operation that supplies EcoAg with raw materials, keeping the animals cleaner and drier, while also capturing some of the inherent odor. This gypsum also enhances the composting operations by reducing smell through the capture of Niitrogen that would otherwise rise into the atmosphere. This in turn leaves a higher Nitrogen value in the finished product, giving you even greater results!

The Process

The Composting Process - EcoAgThe composting process is certainly not new, but understanding the science of the process is vital. Raw materials are tested for their composition, and a "recipe" is designed that will allow nature to do what comes naturally. Carbon and Nitrogen are the two most important factors involved. Once the raw materials are in their proper proportions, windrows are created on an engineered pad, to Alberta Environment specifications. The row is then frequently monitored, most often via temperature. Recording the internal temperature of the row allows us to know what is happening, and at what rate. The inside of the row must reach a temperature of at least 55° C (130° F), but not over 70° C (160° F). This is the zone where the bacteria are most active in "digesting" their food source, and is optimal for the destruction of pathogens and weed seeds. Once this temperature is reached, the rows are turned (aerated). This ensures that oxygen is available for these beneficial micro-organims to survive and thrive, which in turn stabilizes the nutrient content and eliminates much of the water present. Once these rows have been aerated a number of times and all the temperatures have been recorded for filing, each batch is thoroughly tested for nutrients, contaminants, metals, bacteria and other impurities, to ensure a quality finished product. Once all standards have been met (or in most cases, exceeded), the product can be screened and shipped, allowing you to reap the reward of a healthier lawn, garden or crop!

Future Developments

Future Developments - EcoAgEcoAg Initiatives is forging into the future with the construction of a new in-vessel anaerobic digester. What this means is that the incoming feedstock streams are processed without oxygen, as opposed to the current traditional method of outdoor windrowing that ensures adequate supplies of oxygen. It also means that many more items that may have been otherwise shipped to a landfill are processed in a closed container. This not only eliminates the release of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere, but since it is a closed system, also eliminates objectionable odors. Any gasses that are created in this process can then be used to create electricity, and the raw materials are converted to a high quality end product with all of the positive attributes you've come to expect from compost. The biggest difference may be that since this is an indoor operation, it is more easily controlled than the traditional method, which is subject to the whims of the weather. In short, waste is diverted from landfill and processed in such a way that all gasses and nearly all solids are converted into useful, environmentally sound energy and soil amendment. Keep watching here for updates!

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